8/80 œKJūװO, {bܸg٤F !@@@@@@@@@@
            CӼœ(pk)i֦ 8 ӉKJ,@@@@@@@@@@
            ̦hi^ 256 Ӽœ, CӼœ]uO@@@@@@@@@@
            Economy 8 to 80 channels temperature logger!@@@@@@@@@@
            Each module (Shown as right) contains@@@@@@@@@@@
            8 inputs and max. connects 256 modules in@@@@@@@@@@@
            one system.@ However, it is selling with a@@@@@@@@@@
            very attractive price, HK$1,xxx for each.
            MAX. 80 Curve Display@
            MAX. 80 Channels instant value display.@
            Data Based from storage.@
            Relative High Speed Data Recording (1 samples/sec/80ch.)@
            Flexible to use becuase each module is able to operate independently.
            8 Channel Data Logger Software
            It provides different kind of software and software driver such as DOS & Windows utility, DLL Driver, DDE Server, LabView Driver, Active X driver for your self-programming or development.

            PC Based......More Effective & Efficiency in data, specification transmission.@ You just storage the data base file (DBF) and send to your customer by Email.

            Our Web site:@ http://www.3uw4t.cn
            Email :@ info@otdl.com