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            Acquisition and Control
            Products for ISA and PCI Bus
            More than 30PCI Bus boards
            More than 39ISA Bus boards
            Wide selection of DIN-Rail Mounting
            OPTO-22 Compatible Boards.
            Windows 95/98, NT, Labview, Linux,
            IsaGraf support.

            Hot Items
            144-bit Digital I/O Card
            Code:PIO-D144 (ISA & PCI Bus Available)
            16Ch. Relay Output &
            16 Isolated Digital Input
            Code:PCIP16R16 (ISA & PCI Bus Available)
            16 Channel Relay Board
            Code: DB16R
            24 Channel Isolation Input Board
            Code: DB-24P
            l16 Channel DIN-Rail Mounting
            Power Relay Modules
            Code: RM-20X
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